Women’s Adventures

Ready for a weeklong slumber party in an exotic locale?

Economical, authentic, and adventurous, these are not ordinary tour groups.  Each one is a small group of fascinating women who share a house and dig deep into local culture together.

Join Lauren, the founder of IndieTravel.guru, for an unforgettable adventure.


“Lauren is a traveler–the real deal–the kind that lives out of a backpack. She’s been all over the world.

Lauren is a complete badass. She’s stayed in the mountains where it was so cold, her hair froze. She’s slept under mosquito netting in Indonesia to keep from being devoured by mosquitos the likes of which we’ve never seen. She’s ridden camels and burros. I believe she’s even ridden on a rickshaw. She’s shared lodging with scorpions. She’s had many adventures.

Lauren now arranges group experiences for women who want to travel and experience local culture. These are not trips where you stay in a 4 star motel and visit the tourist attractions. You go to the places where people live. You may go to local festivals. You may go to museums. You may take cooking classes and learn to cook the local food. You may visit beautiful bazaars and museums. You may go on hikes. You may watch exotic bellydancers or listen to musicians.

If you know anyone who might be interested in something like this, pass this on to them. (Women only. Sorry fellas!)”

~ Diana Kay

Upcoming Trips

January 2019: Women’s Adventure in Peru

  • Tour Machu Picchu
  • Visit Cusco
  • Hike Incan ruins in the mountains
  • Tour a local market and try exotic produce
  • Meet women weavers
  • Visit Niños Del Sol, the orphanage that stole my heart
  • Lots more, including some special surprises still to be announced!

May/June 2019:  Women’s Adventure in Bali & Indonesia

(Second week is now a co-ed adventure, open to all genders)

  • Tour the Sultan’s Palace
  • Visit Buddhist and Hindu temples
  • Learn about local arts,  foods, dance, and rituals
  • Walk through the Monkey Forest
  • Optional: Travel to Borneo to observe the orangutans and sleep on a riverboat

Late July/early August 2019:  Florence, Italy

  • See Michelangelo’s David
  • Cruise across Tuscan countryside in vintage Fiats 
  • Learn about Chianti wines at a winery luncheon
  • Learn to make handcrafted pasta and other delicious dishes from an Italian chef
  • Go hiking in the Cinque Terre villages

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A well-rounded immersion in culture

Lauren was a fantastic host —wonderful, full of life, giving, trustworthy and a ton of fun! Even though the stay was only a week long, we got such a beautiful, well-rounded immersion in the culture…

What this is not: your standard trip. We saved money along the way and got a fantastic cultural voyage. I can wholeheartedly recommend this experience and I will most definitely be joining Lauren again in the near future.… Read more “A well-rounded immersion in culture”

Gabriella Gaita

Safe, comfortable, and fun!

Lauren made me feel comfortable and safe traveling to a part of the world I had never been to previously.  The personal experiences she shares regarding being a smart traveler and her cultural knowledge are valuable.

She is friendly, a good problem solver, respectful of personal space/time, and fun. I would definitely travel with her again.… Read more “Safe, comfortable, and fun!”

Jen Draco

I don’t see how anyone could provide a better experience

Lauren, our host, was a charming ambassador for Morocco; I don’t see how anyone could provide a better experience than she did for our group consisting of eight strangers (soon to become friends).

Thank you, Lauren, for planning such a wonderful trip and sharing so many fabulous experiences. Looking forward to your future retreats.… Read more “I don’t see how anyone could provide a better experience”

Melody McGowan

Past Trips

Women's Adventure in Morocco