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Traveling to Turkey? Check Your Visa.

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Today (October 8, 2017) Turkey has suspended visa applications for U.S. citizens, including e-Visas, visas in passports, and visas acquired at the border.

The announcement came just hours after the  U.S. Embassy in Turkey announced its decision to suspend non-migrant visa services at its facilities in Turkey.

The Turkish Embassy in Washington issued this statement, which mirrored the language in the U.S. Embassy’s earlier announcement:

“Recent events have forced Turkish Government to reassess the commitment of the Government of the United States to the security of Turkish Mission facilities and personnel. In order to minimize the number of visitors to our Embassy and Consulates while this assessment proceeds, effective immediately we have suspended all non-immigrant visa service at all Turkish diplomatic facilities in the US.”

If you are a U.S. citizen planning travel to Turkey and you want to know how you are affected by this, you can call the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at 1 888-566-7656. Watch the Ministry’s website for more information about the suspension.


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