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Help a Child, Get A Handmade Gift!

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One of our favorite charities is in need of funds — and they’re making you an offer too sweet to refuse. 

Editor’s Note: I visited Human and Hope Association when I was living in Siem Reap. HHA is a standout grassroots effort in a country where it’s very hard to decipher which charities are honorable and effective. ~ Lauren Haas

Cambodian charity Human and Hope Association is excited to announce Elephants for Education, a crowdfunding campaign that gives supporters the chance to support education in Cambodia. Supporters will also be rewarded with an adorable stuffed elephant (or even a whole family!)

Click here to support the campaign now and receive your own handmade elephant!

The organization, which recently celebrated becoming entirely locally run, aims to empower Cambodians to create sustainable futures for themselves through education, vocational training and community support.

The organization’s education programs include English classes, Khmer (native) language classes, preschool, art class and a library. Another program, which has been extremely successful, is the sewing project where disadvantaged women complete a 10 month course to learn sewing and business skills.

It is this program where seamstress Sangorb learnt the skills that would enable her to start her own business. Sangorb is a current student in Human and Hope’s advanced sewing class. She only managed to study until grade one at public school due to issues in her family. Sangorb was working as a builder when she found out about Human and Hope’s sewing program through a staff member who promoted the program in her village. Unlike many potential students, her husband didn’t tell her not to study; he said it was her decision and if she wanted to gain a skill, she could.

Cambodia elephants

Sangorb and her young friend are eager to send you a stuffed pal from Cambodia.

Once she graduates, Sangorb plans to set up a shop from home as her village doesn’t have many tailors, so she is at an advantage. Sangorb says her husband is happy to see her have a machine and earning money to support their family. “I am very happy to study sewing at Human and Hope Association. I believe I have the ability to develop myself.”

Sangorb also receives an income by making some of the adorable products available for supporters of the Elephants for Education scheme. This income allows her to pay back her interest-free sewing machine microfinance loan borrowed from Human and Hope Association, and provide a better life for her young daughter.

Sally Hetherington, who worked at Human and Hope Association for four years, says the campaign is crucial to funding the organisations ongoing running costs.

“HHA is achieving such great things, and this wouldn’t be possible without our generous supporters. Each and every donation makes such a huge impact and allows the committed local team to continue their great work.”

Sally is also excited that the campaign coincides with the release of Human and Hope’s adorable range of stuffed elephants.

“Not only is each elephant super cute, but each one has their own name. For example, Bopha can provide a whole month’s English education to a child!” She says.

The campaign is aiming to raise $15,000 by August 25th. Check out the campaign at and keep your eyes peeled on the Human and Hope Facebook page for exclusive giveaways!

Lauren Haas is a nomadic freelance writer. She has been traveling the world, living out of a backpack, since May of 2013. She loves to travel on a budget, learning about different cultures and cuisines.

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