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Can You Show Cambodia Some Love?

If you’ve traveled to Cambodia, you went elbow-to-elbow at dawn with 5,000 other tourists to take this photo.

angkor Wat
image via Flickr by Matt Brittaine

You also had your heart broken by a visit to the Killing Fields or S21, and by unimaginable stories of deprivation and suffering. You  wanted to help, but felt powerless.

Killing Tree

Here’s Your Chance To Give Back

We’re giving back from the heart this Valentine’s season by raising funds to help the Human and Hope Association, a Cambodian-led initiative that’s empowering a village outside Siem Reap with education, micro-loans for businesses, and community support.

Why Human and Hope Association? Because it was started by Cambodians to serve their own people. There are no foreign volunteers — the kids and adults in the village look up to their fellow Cambodians as teachers and mentors. Meanwhile, the staff are offered growth opportunities and scholarships. It’s a sustainable effort that supports leadership and pride rather than dependence.

I come from a poor family and have tried so hard to improve my life. I am dedicated to moving others in my community out of poverty, not by just giving them things, but by empowering them with skills and knowledge. ~ San Thai, Director, Human and Hope Association

Human and Hope Association

Read lots more about HHA at this link. 

This year, their Australian advisor will say goodbye and the group will be fully under Cambodian leadership, with San Thai as the Director. Their funding still comes from Australia, though. Australian currency is falling against the US dollar, which means their donations are being being reduced by nearly a third — right when the Cambodian leadership is ready to take over.

Be a Part of this Historic Global EffortTLCslider

Join our team at this link.

Let’s show our support for Sen Thai and his Cambodian staff by covering the expenses of their education program for their first year.

When you join our team you’ll set up a fundraiser page with text already on it and a suggested goal of $350. Just click the “fundraise” button, then  “manage your page” to add selfies or video clips, change the goal, or rewrite the text. Then spread the word on your social media.

Join our Facebook group, too. There you’ll get updates. videos and photos to share, fundraising tips, and answers to your questions. This is your chance to learn the keys to building excitement about your campaign and raising money for charity.

Our goal is to raise $7500. That’s enough to give some breathing room in the budget so the Cambodian leadership can focus on delivering services. If we can get just 21 people on our team, each raising $350, we can do this!

You’ll LOVE being part of something so beautiful on the other side of the globe.

Join our team at this link

Let’s see what we can achieve together.

*note: Human and Hope Association is fiscally sponsored by Village Earth, a US-Based 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization. All donations made through this campaign are tax deductible to the extent allowable by law.

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